Spring seminars

17 Feb

Have you ever been to a spring seminar? I haven’t but I bet there are loads to tell and discuss about torsion springs; their usage areas, trends within manufacturing, new technology etc. No matter if the seminar is specially for a certain company or more like a convent you sign up to they are always a great place for meeting new customers and mingle with branch colleagues to exchange knowledge and work towards developing the industry even further.


How to change torsion springs on garage doors

13 Feb

The video shows how you should change torsion springs on garage doors in a correct way before you replace it with a new one.

Rally in town!

8 Feb

The best time of the year is here! The Swedish Rally is in town and the biggest rally enthusiasts from all over the world are here. And it’s an overflow of torsion springs in these cars.


Brake pad springs

4 Feb

How about a brake pad spring in a light stainless material which extend the product’s lifespan for the vehicle industry? There might even be one or two torsion springs in the construction somewhere as well.


Save time and money

26 Jan

Are you after to save time and money on your torison springs project? Using standard spring items at the beginning of the development project will help you do just that. The standard range cover torques from 9 to 25,075 Nmm.

On the road

22 Jan

Seat belts are cheep life lines. Torsion springs are in components in your every day life on the roads. The springs are made to give a force and torque when one leg is turned relative the other, so the springs are either left-hand or a right-hand helix


Customize your springs

18 Jan

All torsion springs manufactured by serious producers are made according to the requirements for the application in question. The assortment of materials and ends are available. Just make sure that the springs always should be loaded so that the body diameter decreases.