Longing for summer

27 Mar

I know it’s not time for summer yet but I can’t help thinking about it and longing for it. I wonder if the boats on the image below have boot lids with components like torsion springs?

boot lids on boats


Not all is bad in the world

19 Mar

Even though we read about work terminations and problems in the world economy there are some light spots to keep track of. Do you also wonder what the secret of a successful torsion springs business? I believe, and I know many agree with me, that one of the most important things is to get involved as early in the process as possible. In that way spring manufacturers can assist in important choices all the way through production.


Torsion springs in paper cutters

13 Mar

The other day I read about a report from a school inspection in Canada a week ago. They were talking about safety in school and apparently old style paper cutters are a safety hazard since they don’t have safeguards on them. Apparently these safeguards available for paper cutters contain torsion springs on the blade arm. I didn’t know that. I guess I learned something new today :).

Nice product image

9 Mar

I sometimes think it’s very difficult to find really nice product images of torsion springs. So what is a good product image? In my opinion its like the image below. One product all alone, nice shadow effects and lighting. No distractions, no


Image of end design

5 Mar

The image shows end designs in a standard stock for torsion springs. Cylindrical wound springs are used for axial loads and when they are loaded the wire is exposed to a deflection.


Torsion springs in the mobile

1 Mar

Is your web made for the mobile devices? It gets more and more important to present websites for use with all kind of devices and even torsion springs need to be available in your mobile. Customers expect just as great service on the mobile as in front of the computer and therefore useful information and easy access is important.

Springs in Word Cup Cross-Country

25 Feb

From winter rally to World Cup Cross-Country in Val di Fiemme, Italy. Torsion springs are mostly used in vehicles of different kinds so my guess is that there aren’t any springs like these involved in this race. But those skiis do have springs in order to keep the feet in place.