Towed away

30 Apr

The other day I saw a car getting towed away. Since it had to be towed away my guess is that the problem isn’t torsion springs in the boot lid och backrest that is causing problems.



The further out the smaller force

25 Apr

End designs for torsion springs can really vary depending on usage area, environmental demands etc. Remember that the further out that the arm is loaded the smaller force is available.


Meet Volkswagen

21 Apr

Germany is the largest spring market in Europe. The automotive industry is huge here and torsion springs are commonly used as important components. Below is a classic Volkswagen.


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Springs in backrest?

15 Apr

I saw this little cute donkey with a carriage when I visited Cairo. No need for torsion springs in a boot lid of that little carriage. But maybe there are springs ins the backrest?

carriage with torsion springs in Cairo

For circular movement

11 Apr

When manufacturing springs that’s supposed to be used as a circular movement cylindrical torsion springs with double coil is a good choice.


The new generation segway

6 Apr

I read an article the other day about some entrepreneurs in Kingsville who have the ambition to create a new local industry based on “the next cool thing in personal transportation, the Qugo”. I must say the that it looks like some sort of segway but with two smaller rear wheels where torsion springs are used.

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Seat belt locks?

31 Mar

I wonder how good the torsion springs are in this motorcycle taxi? It looks to be in quite bad condition but you never know. Usually springs are used in seat belt locks but I can’t image this taxi to have that. Do you?