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The end

7 Jun

If you want to continue reading about torsion springs, I will keep on writing about springs, e.g. torsion springs, on


Quality control

28 May

Quality control is crucial when manufacturing torsion springs. In order to guarantee the highest spring quality to your customers you need to make sure you have the right measuring equipment to work with it. And of course the needed knowledge of you co-workers.

Don’t forget the seat belt!

24 May

This image is from last week in Croatia. Considering how narrow the streets were and how fast the taxi driver was speeding I surely hope the torsion springs are working in seat belts because you need something to hang on to. And I’m not exaggerating.

torsion springs in seat belts

Springs at the carwash

20 May

I read an article on about new improved carwash doors that are now more efficient and dependable than ever. Apparently torsion springs are being used in the improved strap counterbalance system, which seemed interesting. Seems cost effective since strap counterweight systems do not require any lubrication or maintenance.

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Cab ride in N.Y.

16 May

I’m one of those people who love New York. The atmosphere, the sightseeing, the shopping and the yellow cabs. When we got into one of those one night we met a great man from India who really loved his city and told us one story after another. But he drove like a car thief so I would have wanted to have working seat belts with good torsion springs.

Torsion springs in N.Y.

Forming torsion springs

12 May

When forming torsion springs and other kind of springs special machines are used to get the correct geometry of the springs. Mostly, the spring material is formed by plastic deformation when it’s cold.


Spings in garbage truck

8 May

Yesterday I took this photo of our garbage truck in the area. My guess is that since torsion springs are commonly used in vehicles of different kind there must be some springs in this truck, in the backrest for example.